Announcing Open Source Licensing for Plivo’s Browser SDK

Plivo’s Browser SDK lets you make voice calls using a web browser and a Plivo voice application, so you can build engaging and high-quality voice calling into your web apps. We’re now making Browser SDK available under an Apache (APLv2) open source license, so anyone can now make contributions to our Browser SDK code. You don’t even have to be a developer to contribute — we love documentation feedback and bug reports as well. 

What are the benefits of open source code?

Open source software offers a number of advantages to both developers and users:

Transparency: Open source code fosters trust among users — in this case our customers and the Plivo community. Sharing our code puts our development work out in the open, and promotes the idea of creative problem-solving at scale.

Bug-fixing: Like all software companies, Plivo occasionally releases code that has bugs. When a bug is spotted in proprietary software, the only people who can fix it are the original developers. With open source code, a larger community of users can access, test, and change the code, which means bugs tend to be exposed more quickly and corrected more rapidly.

Customization: Open source applications may be customized by anyone with coding skills. This makes the code more malleable and flexible to meet specific business needs. It gives you more freedom to make the tweaks and edits you want.

Agility: Access to open frameworks leads to rapid development and quicker releases of new and updated software. 

Quality and reliability: With open source code, feedback is more readily accessible, as open source software inherently promotes peer review. The global community can also introduce new concepts and capabilities faster. Our internal teams can review and implement this community feedback to produce extremely robust, tried, and tested code.

In summary, open source code is written by developers and for developers, and celebrates the values of collaboration, transparency, and community-oriented development. We’re excited to give our customers the opportunity to gain and share experience by contributing their code.

The Plivo Browser SDK codebase wraps the functions of Browser SDK as an ES module. To get started, check out the Browser SDK GitHub repository, and refer to our SDK overview and SDK reference documentation. For release notes, see the changelog.

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