An APPEALIE Award Trifecta

May 3, 2023
An APPEALIE Award Trifecta

Who’s having a great year? This company. We just learned that we won not one but three 2023 APPEALIE SaaS + Software Awards.

  • Overall SaaS Award winner in the Development + DevOps category for Small Business + Mid-Market
  • Overall SaaS Award winner in the Development + DevOps category for Enterprise
  • SaaS Customer Success Award winner

If you think this sounds like old news, that might be because we won the Overall SaaS Award in the Development + DevOps category for Small Business + Mid-Market last year — and the year before that. It’s a threepeat!

The Customer Success Award is new. Winners are “recognized for their demonstrated excellence and customer outcomes,” according to the APPEALIES. The pride we take in supporting our users translates into happy customers.

Or it might be because we just announced that we won a 2023 Stevie Award.

New and noteworthy

Why did the APPEALIES choose Plivo? Cited features include:

  • Number masking lets ride-hailing and delivery customers and providers communicate without revealing their real phone numbers to each other.
  • Improved data filtering on the console gives customers instant access to their most important messaging and numbers data.
  • Customers in India can receive invoices, make payments, and receive payment receipts in rupees (INR).
  • US customers can get information about the level of STIR attestation for each call via the API responses and callbacks or via Call Detail Records downloaded from the console.
  • Our new iOS and Android mobile SDKs are built over a WebRTC framework, which offers better call quality and improved developer integration experience.
  • We reduced call transcription prices by 37%. Call transcription now starts at $0.0095 per minute. Transcription accuracy parallels industry leaders but at far better prices.
  • By default, Plivo expires messages that remain in the messaging queues after three hours. Customers now have the ability to set a custom message expiry interval for their SMS and MMS messages. Why do senders set an expiry interval? Some text messages have a limited useful lifetime — if they’re not delivered within a certain period, they become useless. Expired messages are not charged to customers.

We appreciate the recognition, which confirms Plivo’s quality. This award pairs nicely with the notice that we were named the top overall CPaaS by G2 users in the most recent Grid® Report for Communication Platform as a Service for Spring 2023.

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