Announcing New Australian PoP, Offers No-Latency Calling within Australia and New Zealand

Plivo customers rejoice! We’ve added a new point of presence (PoP) in Sydney, Australia that connects directly with a local Tier 1 carrier in Australia. This means that all of our customers automatically have access to latency free (sub 20ms connectivity) voice calls within Australia and New Zealand.

Latency Before Australia PoP

Before we added a new PoP in Australia, local Australian and New Zealand phone calls were routed through our closest PoP, which was in Hong Kong. This meant that a local call would be routed out of the country to Hong Kong and then back to Australia. This added travel time lead to 130-150 milliseconds (ms) of additional latency (i.e., mouth-to-ear delay) to each call. That is, the time it takes for voice to travel from the speaker’s mouth to the receivers ear took about 130-150 ms. Even though the International Telecommunication Union’s recommendation for most voice applications states that delays should be kept below 150 ms, we knew that a PoP in Australia was critical to our customers. To give you perspective, the human ear will start to notice voice delays only when latency is greater than 250 ms.

Infographic New PoP in Australia

New Improvements with Australia PoP

Adding a new point of presence in Australia is a game changer. Now, all local calls within Australia and New Zealand are kept within the country and routed through our direct connection with a local Australian carrier. This new connection between our Australia PoP allows for under 20 ms access to our local Australian carrier, which means there is virtually no latency.

Infographic New PoP in Australia and local routing

Voice Pricing for Australia (USD)

OutboundInboundPhone Numbers
Make calls starting at $ 0.0204 per minute
Receive calls starting at $ 0.0050 per minute
Buy numbers at $ 2.50 per month

Included Features

As always, our Voice API comes with a full stack of features to help you build powerful voice calling features for your business:

Multilingual Text to SpeechFREE
Call RecordingFREE
Recording StorageFREE
Automatic Machine DetectionFREE
Dynamic Caller IDFREE
Concurrent CallsUNLIMITED
TranscriptionAUTO: $0.05/MIN HYBRID: $0.35/MIN

Security and Availability

Like all of our servers, our new Australian PoP is equipped with state-of-the-art onsite security and industry standard network controls including:

  • 24/7 Surveillance: Dedicated 24/7 state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and physical security measures at all of our server locations.
  • Backup Encryption: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption used to encrypt all stored backups
  • Network Redundancy: Redundant links re-route traffic over backup networks in under 2 seconds in case of backbone failover
  • Systems & Data Redundancy: Multiple instances and redundant servers with active pairs trigger automatically in case of failover

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