2014 Year in Review

2014 has been a great year for us to say the least. We hit profitability in early May and our growth since then has been remarkable. Our voice traffic grew 100%, while our SMS traffic grew a staggering 500%. Not to mention that our number of paid customers also grew 200%, which lead to an impressive 250% increase in annual revenues compared to 2013.But aside from our growth, we also proudly delivered more benefits to our customers than any other year including the launch of international SMS, SMS short codes in the US, private beta for two-way SMS numbers in 23 countries, Queuing for SMS and voice calls, as well as making incoming SMS free in all countries and providing a significant price drop for international voice. Of course, last year wasn’t without its bumps. In March, we experienced a DDos attack that lead to a few hours of downtime and since then, we’ve invested heavily in security and monitoring. Our growth also meant that our phone number inventory was depleting faster than expected. So in October, we improved our inventory automation system and increased our phone number inventory by 400% by the end of 2014. Though despite these growing pains, our customer’s businesses have continued to flourish on our infrastructure and we can not thank you enough for your trust and support.

We’ve also been keeping busy in the back end to deliver the most reliable global communications backbone in the industry. We can proudly say that we work with Tier-1 carriers in 100+ countries to give us direct connections to 1600+ networks around the world. This means that our connections are free from low cost routing, routing dilution or blending, which gives you reduced latency, improved connectivity, high SMS delivery rates and clear voice calls.

We are so serious about delivering great quality of service that we recently built a dedicated team that manages carriers end-to-end. This means that we maintain carrier contacts and constantly negotiate for better prices and connections on your behalf with local carriers around the world. We also manage and ensure availabilities for a large diverse inventory of mobile, fixed, and toll-free phone numbers in 55 countries and 8000+ area codes. Our carrier team also specializes in regulatory compliance; helping you adhere to local regulatory and legal requirements in all countries.

Our mission has always been to simplify global telecom and enable access to quality cloud communications at a low cost; and this year will be no different. As we keep pushing the envelop and increase transparency in the telecom industry, we will continue to make customers our utmost priority because frankly, we couldn’t have done it without your support. I am excited to say that we will soon make announcements about our 2015 roadmap and we hope that you’ll be as thrilled as us for what’s to come.

For those who are in the San Francisco area, join us on Thursday January 15th, 2015 at 5pm at our office for a Welcome Back Happy Hour. Click here to RSVP.

Venky, Co-founder

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