Upgrade from Go SDK v4 to v4.8.0 or Latest Version


This is a minor application update. Plivo recommends you always use the latest or an active version of our SDKs for guaranteed security, stability, and uptime. The active SDK versions are designed to handle intermittent and regional failures of API requests. In addition, they offer a host of security features, such as protection against DoS attacks and bot detection for suspicious user agents.

Deprecation notice: Plivo Go SDK versions lower than v4.8.0 are being deprecated on January 31, 2022. If you use a deprecated version of our SDK after that date, your API requests and voice calls may fail intermittently. Plivo will no longer provide bug fixes to these versions, and our support team may ask you to upgrade before debugging issues.

Update the SDK

You can upgrade to the active SDK version without making any changes to your implementation if you’re not using any of the features or APIs mentioned in the breaking changes section below. Use the command go get github.com/plivo/plivo-go/v7@v4.8.0 to upgrade to the active version of the SDK, or go get github.com/plivo/plivo-go/v7@latest to upgrade to the latest version.

Breaking changes

If you are upgrading to a version higher than v4.9.1, be aware of some breaking changes with those versions:


  • BREAKING: Rename MultiPartyCall struct to PhloMultiPartyCall


  • BREAKING: Update AddSpeak method signature: remove optional parameters
  • Add methods to set SpeakElement attributes


  • Remove the total_count parameter in metadata for list MDR response