Benefits of integrating SMS messaging with your business workflows

Plivo’s SMS Use Case with Flight Vector

Plivo’s webisode series kicks off with Scot Cromer, CEO of Flight Vector, a company that specializes in emergency medical services. Scot shares his insights about the technology and how critical a role communication plays when it comes to handling distress and dispatch situations. For a lot of us, this space is new and we’re extremely excited to have Scot share his journey at Flight Vector.

Plivo’s SMS platform is a perfect way to integrate communications at the core of your business workflows. Whether it is toll-free SMS, long codes, or short codes, you are sure to acquire and engage your users.

Watch the webisode and learn how to:

  • Engage with your users at scale
  • Successfully implement SMS messaging into your web and mobile apps
  • Benefits of using the right platform for your business communications

All in just over 10 minutes

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