Benefits of integrating SMS messaging with your business workflows

Plivo’s SMS Use Case with Flight Vector

Plivo’s webisode series kicks off with Scot Cromer, CEO of Flight Vector, a company that specializes in emergency medical services. Scot shares his insights about the technology and how critical a role communication plays when it comes to handling distress and dispatch situations. For a lot of us, this space is new and we’re extremely excited to have Scot share his journey at Flight Vector.

Plivo’s SMS platform is a perfect way to integrate communications at the core of your business workflows. Whether it is toll-free SMS, long codes, or short codes, you are sure to acquire and engage your users.

Watch the webisode and learn how to:

  • Engage with your users at scale
  • Successfully implement SMS messaging into your web and mobile apps
  • Benefits of using the right platform for your business communications

All in just over 10 minutes

Scot Cromer

Scot Cromer

Chief Executive Officer

Flight Vector

Scot Cromer

Khang Pham

Customer Success Manager


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