SMS Notifications & Alerts

Communicate to your customers via SMS in 200+ countries

What is an SMS notification?

An SMS (short message service) notification is a text message sent to mobile phones that provide users with timely information. With Plivo's API, you can send SMS alerts to your users from your web or mobile application (e.g., flight alerts) or even let your users send notifications to each (e.g., app download invites).

What are some sms notification use cases?

System Status Alerts

Seamlessly integrate monitoring tools to send alerts to your IT team and escalate issues to the right person. Users: server providers, IT monitoring systems, web-hosting services, etc.

Payment Confirmation

Instantly confirm and provide details of customer purchases and other financial transactions. Users: banks, payment gateways, e-commerce stores, delivery partners, etc.

Ride Share Tracking

Inform your users when their private car or taxi is arriving and let them communicate to drivers via masked SMS text messages. Users: car share programs, transportation networks, trip planning sites, etc.

Emergency Alerts

Notify large communities instantly when there's suspicious activity or a natural disaster and provide actionable tips. Users: colleges and universities, city government, HR departments, etc.

Product Distribution

Send users app download links directly to their mobile phones and allow existing users to invite their friends via SMS. Users: mobile apps developers, new feature or product releases, etc.

Social Connections

Notify your users when a friend is nearby or when something of interest is nearby. Users: dating apps, social media platforms, recommendation engines, etc.

How to add SMS notifications & alerts for your business?

Plivo enables you to integrate SMS notification and alerts into your application in a matter of minutes. We provide examples and Helper Libraries so that you can add the functionality in any web standard languages you need.

Check out how simple it is to send an SMS with Plivo

import plivo

AUTH_ID = "MAX..."
AUTH_TOKEN = "IEWcw2323Udsd..."
your_number = "14152223333"
your_audience_number = "14151112222"

message = { 'src':your_audience_number,
            'text':"Thanks for ordering! Your delivery is on it's way!"

p = plivo.RestAPI(AUTH_ID, AUTH_TOKEN)
print p.send_message(message)

The example above is written in Python. To learn more details, Check out our step-by-step tutorial.


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Anson T. See how they did it

SMS features available out of the box

Features Details
Two-way SMS in 20 countries
Send SMS to 226 countries
Unicode .checkmark-in-table
Concatenated Messaging .checkmark-in-table
Delivery Report .checkmark-in-table
SMS Short Codes United States
SMS Short Codes Base Rate 40 messages/sec