Two-way SMS Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages in 19 countries

The most reliable dedicated SMS phone numbers

Free Incoming SMS

Improve your ROI. All SMS Long Codes come with free inbound SMS in 19 countries and volume pricing for outbound SMS text messages.

High SMS Deliverability

Our direct carrier connections & optimized routing ensures high SMS delivery rates and low latency around the world.

Automatic Scaling

Active reserve servers and hybrid cloud machines deliver instant and unlimited scalability for voice and SMS traffic.

Why do I need a Two-way SMS Phone Number?

plivo android and ios sdk for voice SIP calls

Boost customer interactions

Gather information from your customers instantly through marketing campaigns, surveys, contests, and promotions.

P2P communication

Allow your users to chat via text messages while keeping their phone numbers anonymous. Use cases include group chat, car share apps, dating apps, etc.

Dedicated number

Build recognition. Send and receive SMS from the same number every time.

Instant Provisioning

Provision thousands of ready to use regular and toll-free numbers instantly through our API or user interface. No waiting.

Build Powerful Interactive Apps with Two-way SMS

Transaction Verification

Add enterprise security by sending online transaction verifications directly to your customer's mobile.

Surveys and Polling

Whether you’re running election campaigns or gathering product feedback, text messaging is the most instant, effective, and cost efficient way of collecting large scale user data.

Text Message Autoresponder

Setup auto-replies to incoming SMS text messages to ensure that you’re always engaged with customers 24/7.

Product Feedback

Get feedback from your customers instantly through text messages. Capture customer phone numbers and analytics using Plivo’s built-in delivery reports and maximize your ROI.