Add Voice and SMS Text Message Functionality to Your Salesforce App

Existing and new Salesforce applications can now leverage Plivo’s APIs to make phone calls and send text messages to their users in over 200 countries. Plivo’s full-featured voice and SMS APIs also allow you to record voice calls for free, initiate bulk calling and texting campaigns, retrieve voice and SMS text message details within Salesforce, provision phone numbers instantly, and many more.


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Plivo Helper Library for Salesforce

Adding communication capabilities to your Salesforce AppExchange App is easy!

Integrate seamlessly with Plivo's Voice and SMS APIs to enable voice calls and text messages to be sent and received through your new or existing Salesforce AppExchange app. Plivo's iOS & Android Mobile SDK also allows you to trigger mobile interactions including automated voice calls (e.g., customer support) and SMS text message alerts (e.g., system notifications) directly to your user's mobile devices.

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What is the Plivo Helper Library for Salesforce?

We wrote the Plivo Helper Library for Salesforce to include Apex classes that allows you interact with Plivo’s voice and SMS APIs. This includes the ability to send and receive text messages, as well as make and receive phone calls via the Plivo REST API. Below are some apps already using Plivo's Voice and SMS APIs:

Call Tracking

Integrate Plivo with your call tracking app to improve your app ROI with free recording, click-to-call integration, and instantly provision local phone numbers in 8000+ area codes.

Voice Broadcasting Alerts

Send personalized voice messages to your customers. Use our Voice API to build apps such as auto dialers, notification systems, or even phone surveying tools for political campaigns.

Call Centers

Reduce costs & increase scalability by extending your Salesforce call center solution. Plivo's APIs have all the tools you need including IP PBX, Cloud IVR, custom routing logic & free recording.

IVR Phone Menus

Use Plivo's Voice API to create powerful interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Customize and automate call flows with an intelligent call logic that suits your business needs.

Bulk Messaging

Integrate via Plivo's SMS API to broadcast messages to all of your users for events, app invites, location sharing, etc.

System Notifications

Send system alerts, appointment reminders or emergency notifications in bulk to all your customers via Short Codes using our SMS API.

Connect your Salesforce app to Plivo’s network for added benefits

Fast Reliable Network

Allow your users to send high volume SMS messages and voice calls to 200+ countries. 99.95% uptime guaranteed.

Free Storage & Recording

Improve your app's ROI with Plivo's free stereo recording and storage for all calls made through Plivo's network.

Free Incoming SMS

Increase your ROI with free incoming SMS on all of your Plivo phone numbers and low volume prices on our outbound rates too.

Robust Enterprise Feature Set

With the Plivo Helper Library for Salesforce, adding high quality voice calling and SMS text messaging capabilities to your Salesforce and app is easier than ever. Below are some of the functionalities that you can enable with the Plivo Helper Library for Salesforce.

Voice Calls

Allow your Salesforce app to make voice calls to over 200 countries and receive calls on local phone numbers (DIDs) in over 55 countries. Our dedicated carrier team ensures availabilities for a large diverse inventory of mobile, fixed, and toll-free phone numbers in over 8000 area codes.

Two-way SMS Text Messaging

Send text messages to over 200 countries and receive free inbound SMS text messages in over 19 countries. Fetch your SMS logs in real-time with Plivo's SMS API. Receive detailed information including message direction, message status, billing info, API log reports, and message time stamps, etc.

Free Call Recording & Storage

Record in stereo and store your calls on the Plivo's cloud platform for free to improve customer support processes. Our secure servers keep your data safe and accessible anytime through Plivo's APIs or user interface.

Mobile Integrations

Add and trigger automated voice calls and SMS text message notifications to your existing iOS and Android applications seamlessly with the Plivo's iOS & Android Mobile SDK.

Industries that are already using Plivo's Voice & SMS APIs

Existing and new applications have leveraged Plivo’s APIs to make phone calls and send text messages to their users in over 200 countries. Plivo’s full-featured voice and SMS APIs also allows businesses to record voice calls for free, initiate bulk calling and text messaging campaigns, retrieve voice and SMS text message details, provision phone numbers instantly, and many more. See how industries around the world have integrated with Plivo.

Online Retail

Improve your margins by engaging customers in contests, promotions, as well as improve customer service and customer loyalty through timely location-based loyalty reward campaigns through automated SMS text messages and voice calls.

Marketing & Media

Build high-impact promotional campaigns that targets your customers in real-time and deliver time-sensitive information including flight reservation reminders and point-of-sale campaigns all through bulk voice calling or SMS text messaging.

Financial Services

Enable two-factor authentication via dynamic SMS text message or voice call and protect your customers with an additional layer of security for any type of customer transaction including account activity alerts, money transfers, and bill payments.


Enhance patient experiences and rapport by improving healthcare communication, reducing appointment no-shows with SMS and voice message alerts, delivering time critical emergency health services, and optimizing public health campaigns.

Customer Service

Create the best customer care experience by providing tailored loyalty programs, accelerating support ticket responses, gathering product feedback, and sending timely order notifications all via SMS text messages and voice calls directly to the customer’s mobile phone.

Logistics & Planning

Optimize complex logistics and virtually any process that requires instant communication by using SMS text messages and voice calls with masked phone numbers. Including, ride share coordination, tracking supply chain inventory levels, order confirmations, shipment delivery, product returns and recalls.

Learn how you can migrate your existing AppExchange App to Plivo

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