SMS Notifications Best Practices Guide

Whether your business is local or global, SMS notifications help you connect with your customers. You can send customers personalized messages with information that’s important to them, and give them ways to quickly complete payments, sign up for mailing lists, and enable them to perform other useful actions.

In this guide, we talk about the value of SMS notifications and how they offer a convenient, personalized way to enhance business operations and improve customer experience. We suggest some best practices that can help you achieve better results and bring more engagement with your customers.

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SMS Notifications Best Practices GuideSMS Notifications Best Practices Guide

In this Guide

This guide talks about SMS notification use cases and offers best practices for using them. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find.

  • What we mean by a notification
  • 12 use cases for SMS notifications
  • 7 best practices for succeeding with SMS notifications
  • How Plivo’s SMS API can help

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