Plivo Open Source

An open source framework for developers to prototype voice call applications

Truly Open

Plivo Framework is distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1.

Prototype Faster

Plivo Voice API makes it easier for you to build apps like IVRs or Voicemails in minutes.

Details Abstracted

No need to deal with the complexity of telephony engine. You can focus on prototype your app fast.

From Plivo Open Source to Plivo Cloud

We always believed that everyone should have access to building high quality voice and SMS apps at an affordable cost.

Plivo's story goes back to 2011, when the founders, Mike and Venky, accidentally exchanged messages on Github. At the time, they were both independently seeking a robust communications platform to develop and integrate Voice and SMS capabilities into their web apps.

They couldn't find any platforms that allowed the flexibility to write applications using HTTP APIs without having to pay high carrier markup fees, so they decided to roll out their own solution: Plivo Open Source, which soon turned into a full-featured cloud platform called Plivo Cloud. To learn more about our story, check out our About Us page.