Lookup API Phone Number Validation

Phone number lookup using Plivo’s Lookup API validates customer phone numbers, reduces fraud, and improves conversion. Get started now.

Lookup API
Number Lookup API
Determine number format, type, country, and carrier for any phone number worldwide programmatically. $0.004 per API request.
Number API
Robust Feature Set for All Your Business Needs
Country and Format
Country and Format
Determine the country a number belongs to and its local format. Use this information to improve your experience with the end users.
Number Type
Number Type
Identify landline, mobile, toll-free, VoIP, and premium numbers and choose the best channel (SMS or Voice) to engage with your customers.
Carrier and Network
Carrier and Network
Lookup can help retrieve the name of the person or business associated with a phone number, so you can deliver a more personalized experience.
Validate Customer Phone Numbers in Real Time
  • Minimize Delivery Errors
    Determine whether a phone number is valid before including the consumer in your contact list to ensure clean data and reduce errors.
  • Increase Conversion Rates
    It’s important for businesses to segregate landline and mobile numbers so you can pick the right channel for your messages and calls to ensure the best conversion rates.
Validate Phone Numbers
Reduce Fraudulent Transactions
Reduce Fraudulent Transactions
  • Match IP & Phone Location
    Assess risk by comparing the IP location and phone number’s country along with other details of the customer. Trigger additional steps and set-up authentication as needed.
  • Selective Customer Verification
    Introduce additional verification steps only for suspected number types (premium, VoIP) or suspected carrier networks and improve customer experience.
Pay-as-you-go Competitive Pricing, and Pricing Bundles as You Scale.
$0.004 Per API Request, and it includes everything you need: format, number type, and carrier. Available discounts with a committed number of calls per month.
Price$150 / month$500 / month$1000 / month
API Requests50,000250,0001,000,000
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