I already use Twilio. Why should I consider Plivo?

Improved message delivery, high call quality, excellent documentation and customer service, and lower cost of ownership, for a start. We wrote a couple of blog posts to answer this question for organizations considering Twilio alternatives for SMS and voice.

Can I use my existing Twilio phone numbers?

You can use your existing phone numbers by porting them to Plivo. Having done this numerous times, our experts can help you with the migration process without any interruption to your business.

Can I use Plivo as a backup service alongside Twilio?

Yes. Many of our customers use Plivo as a redundant provider for failover in the event of Twilio downtime. Plivo can also address coverage and quality gaps in Twilio’s services. You can also use Plivo as a primary service and Twilio as a backup.

Do you offer a volume-based discount?

Yes, we offer volume-based committed usage discounts. Discount tiers start as low as $1,000. Contact our team with your current use case and monthly spend and we'd be happy to provide a custom quote.

How can you offer your services at a lower cost than Twilio?

Plivo can offer its Voice and Messaging APIs for less due to our direct relationship with underlying carriers and our low customer acquisition costs. Rest assured we don’t compromise on features or quality.

Do you offer the same coverage as Twilio for SMS and voice services?

With Plivo, you can send text messages and make voice calls to 195+ countries. You can also buy phone numbers in 65 countries around the world.

What is your API uptime guarantee?

Plivo guarantees 99.99% API uptime on all its services. All the uptime statistics are available publicly to everyone on our status page. To ensure high reliability, Plivo works with multiple Tier 1 in-country carriers with automated failovers across them.

What are some use cases that customers migrate from Twilio to Plivo for?

Customers migrate from Twilio to Plivo for two-factor authentication (2FA), appointment reminders, account alerts, order notifications, SMS campaigns, click to call, call forwarding, call tracking, interactive voice response (IVR), and call routing.

Visit our Twilio Alternative page to learn more


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