Forward incoming calls to a Plivo SIP Endpoint

    We are going to learn how to forward an incoming call to a Plivo number to a Plivo SIP Endpoint. If you are new to Plivo SIP Endpoints, you should read more about it here.

    Getting Started

    Create an endpoint

    • Create an endpoint on Plivo with a username and a password. Create Endpoint
    • Make sure you attach the built-in direct_dial application.
    • Plivo will append random numbers to your endpoint username. Make a note of your endpoint username.

    Host your XML

    You need to host a static URL which returns a Dial XML when Plivo requests the URL.

    • Create a file with the following contents. Append to your endpoint username and change the SIP URI “” in the below example to your endpoint’s SIP URI. Make sure your URI starts with “sip:”
    <Dial callerId="18004321321">
    • Host your file on github or Dropbox
    • Create a Plivo Application and set the Answer URL as the URL of your static file. Create Application
    • Open the numbers page and click on the number to link the application you created in the above step Number Edit
    • Choose the application from the dropdown and click on Update Number Edit

    Register your endpoint

    Register your endpoint using a softphone, hardware phone, web SDK or mobile SDK.

    Try it out

    Make a call to the Plivo number and see your endpoint receive the call.