The Conference object


conference_name string

The name used to identify the conference

conference_run_time string

Time in seconds since the conference has been initiated

conference_member_count string

Number of members who are currently active in the conference

Note: Along with the above attributes, the response includes the following attributes for each member active in the conference.
member_id string

The ID of the member in the conference. This is unique for each conference

muted boolean

This is set to ‘true’ in case the member is currently muted

deaf boolean

This is set to ‘true’ in case the member wont be able to hear the conversations taking place in the conference

from string

The number from which the call was made to the conference. This can either be a PSTN number or a SIP endpoint.

to string

The conference bridge number. This can either be a Plivo number or an application URL

caller_name string

The name of the caller in case the call was made from a SIP endpoint. This field would be empty if no caller name was specified while making the call.

direction string

The direction of the call. This can either be ‘inbound’ or ‘outbound’

call_uuid string

The call_uuid of the call that can be used to uniquely identify the call

join_time string

The time in seconds since the call has joined the conference


  "conference_name": "My Conf Room",
  "conference_run_time": "590",
  "conference_member_count": "1",
  "members": [
	  "muted" : false,
	  "member_id" : "17",
	  "deaf" : false,
	  "from" : "1456789903",
	  "to" : "1677889900",
	  "caller_name" : "John",
	  "direction" : "inbound",
	  "call_uuid" : "acfbf0b5-12e0-4d74-85f7-fce15f8f07ec",
	  "join_time" : "590"