Stop play audio to a member

This API will stop the file which is being played to a member initiated by the Play API

API Endpoint


The member_id attribute which is passed in the URL can be one of the following three forms:

  1. Member ID: The member specified by the member_id.

  2. Comma separated list of member IDs: List of member IDs on which this operation will be performed.

  3. ‘all’: The string ‘all’, this action will be performed on all members of the conference.

Note: Choose between "Member ID" or "all" based on the same parameter used on play audio to a member.

For example, if you initiated the play using Member Id, calling the stop API with ‘all’ will not stop the audio.


No arguments need to be passed.


HTTP Status Code: 204

  "message": "playing in conference stopped",
  "member_id": "10",
  "api_id": "2867b6e2-58c3-11e1-86da-adf28403fe48"