Geo Permissions


    SMS Geo-Permissions feature is the next step in our efforts to curb SMS fraud. As a Plivo customer you can select a list of destination countries to which Outbound SMS from your account will be allowed. Any SMS sent to countries not in this list will be blocked by Plivo and will not lead to any charges to your account.

    SMS Geo-Permissions allows users to:

    • Enable/Disable Outbound SMS traffic to selected list of countries.
    • Define a list of countries to which outbound SMS traffic is allowed at Subaccount level.

    Outbound SMS Geo-Preferences

    One way to block fraud traffic is to restrict the number of countries your account can send SMS traffic to. To manage your SMS Geo-Permissions, Navigate to Geo-Permissions settings on the Console.

    Any Geo-permission configurations done here are immediately applied to your outbound SMS traffic. Any new messages sent using the API or messages queued in our system that are yet to be processed, will be subject to these changes.

    Say, for example, your outbound traffic is only towards the United States and Canada:

    Navigate to the Geo-Permissions settings on the console

    SMS prevention- Geo_preferences

    Here you will see a list of all the countries. You can filter this further by selecting specific geographic regions like Asia, North America etc. Since for this example we want SMS traffic to be disabled for all countries except the USA and Canada, we can start by marking all countries as disabled.

    sms prevention- Geo_preferences

    After this we can select the USA and Canada from the Country drop down and mark them Enabled

    sms prevention- Geo_preferences

    Post this, any messages to blocked countries will fail with error code 450

    Overriding Preferences For Specific Sub-Accounts

    Geo-Permission preferences can also be overridden at sub-account level.

    Default preferences apply to all SMS sent from the main account and all sub-accounts unless they have been explicitly overridden for the sub-account.

    To specify preferences for a sub-account, simply select the sub-account from the Accounts dropdown, key in the preferences and hit save.

    sms prevention- Geo_preferences