Geo permissions

Plivo uses geo permissions to help curb SMS fraud. You can select a list of destination countries to which outbound messaging from your account is allowed. We’ll block (and not charge for) any messages sent to countries not in this list. You can also define a list of countries to which outbound SMS traffic is allowed at a subaccount level.

Outbound SMS geo preferences

One way to block fraudulent messaging traffic is to restrict the set of countries your account can send messages to. To manage your SMS geo permissions, navigate to Messaging > Geo Permissions on the console.

SMS prevention- Geo_preferences

Here you’ll see a list of all countries. You can filter the list by selecting specific geographic regions or countries. Suppose you want to disable SMS traffic for all countries except the USA and Canada. Start by marking all countries as disabled.

sms prevention- Geo_preferences

Then select USA and Canada from the Country drop-down filter and mark them Enabled, then click Save Changes.

sms prevention- Geo_preferences

Geo permission configurations are immediately applied to your outbound SMS traffic. Any new messages sent using the API or messages queued in our system that are yet to be processed are subject to these changes. Messages to blocked countries will fail with error code 450.

Overriding preferences for specific subaccounts

Default preferences apply to all SMS messages sent from the main account and all subaccounts, but you can override geo permission preferences at a subaccount level.

To specify preferences for a subaccount, select the subaccount from the Accounts drop-down, change your preferences, and click Save Changes.

sms prevention- Geo_preferences