Plivo BrowserSDK

    Plivo BrowserSDK allows you to make and receive calls using Plivo applications directly from any web browser. Using our SDK, you can create applications like Click to Call, Conferencing Bridges and even Web phones. plivo web sdk for voice SIP calls

    With the BrowserSDK, you can add many interesting functionality into your Web app. Some of them are:

    1. Call Center - Build a more efficient call center workflow by allowing your agents to make and receive calls via their browser and control call flows in your app using our API.
    2. Click to Call - Whether you're building a feature rich call center or adding click-to-call for your CRM app, Plivo runs seamlessly in the background to allow your users to interact via audio communication.
    3. Web Based Help Desk - Create great service experiences and workflows. Your sales and support agents can access customer info while making calls directly from their web browser.
    4. Web Conferencing - Build rich conference experiences with Plivo's out-of-the-box features including unique call flows, recording calls, and branded conference greetings, just to name a few.

    Next Steps

    Now that you know the fundamentals, why not build a simple app? To show you the capabilities of our Web SDK, here are some sample applications. Or jump straight to the web SDK docs