Plivo’s WhatsApp Messaging Integration - Prerequisites 

Welcome to Plivo’s guide on integrating WhatsApp messaging. Before you embark on this journey, it’s essential to ensure you have everything in place for a seamless setup. This guide will provide you with a list of prerequisites to get started.


1. Meta Business Suite

Ensure you have an active Meta Business account. If not, you’ll need to set one up. You need this to engage with Meta’s various products including WhatsApp. You can also verify your business details with Meta. This is needed if you have plans to scale up your WhatsApp campaigns. You can read more about business verification here

You can also create a Meta Business Account via Embedded Sign up as shown in our guide here

2. Admin Rights and Privileges 

Ensure you have access to the credentials of a Meta account which is also an admin user in your Meta Business Account. Only this account can be used onboard WABA accounts on to Plivo platform.  

3. WhatsApp Business Account (WABA):

An active WhatsApp Business Account that is mapped against your Plivo account is mandatory to send WhatsApp messages. There are 2 ways of mapping a WABA against your Plivo Account. 

3.1 Use an existing WABA

In the Embedded sign up flow which is initiated from Plivo Console, your existing WABA is made visible. You can select the same account and proceed to register a phone number. Make sure this phone number can be verified via a OTP and this number is not already registered with another WABA or registered with the same WABA but with a different BSP. 

3.2 Create a new WABA

You can also create a new WABA via the Embedded sign up flow. 

4. Phone Number

A verified phone number is a must for the WABA. Ensure that the number is not already registered with another WABA or registered with the same WABA but with a different BSP. More details on phone numbers here

5. Templates

For sending template (non-conversational) messages, you need to get your templates approved by WhatsApp. Draft these beforehand and adhere to WhatsApp’s messaging guidelines. More details on WhatsApp template management here

6. Plivo Account

If you’re not already a Plivo customer, sign up and complete the registration process. Once done, ensure you have adequate funds in your account for testing and eventual usage.

Your onboarded WABA along with the phone numbers will be visible on the Console. You can only send message with these phone numbers by passing the correct authorization credentials in your message requests. 

7. Compliance

Ensure you understand and are compliant with WhatsApp’s Business Policy, Commerce Policy, and other relevant guidelines. Review the legal terms here

Once you’ve ticked off all the items on this prerequisites guide, you’re all set to start integrating WhatsApp messaging with Plivo. Should you encounter any challenges, Plivo’s support and documentation are always at your service. Happy messaging!