Managing WhatsApp Phone Numbers

You can manage your phone numbers from Plivo console and from Meta WhatsApp Manager

In Plivo console (below), you can view all the phone numbers that are linked to your WABA and crucial information about them such as Status, Name Status, Quality Rating

Status can be any of these values - Connected, Pending, Disconnected. You can only send messages if a phone number is in Connected status.

Quality Rating indicates the quality feedback for your phone number depending on feedback provided by the recipients. You can read more here.

Name Status provides the latest feedback on the display name against this phone number. You can manage this from Meta WhatsApp Manager

Unlinking a Number

You can unlink a number from Plivo Console.

  • By clicking on unlinking a number, you are deregistering the number with Plivo. The number will be marked as ‘Disconnected’ immediately after. 
  • You will not be able to send messages with this number going forward. 

Meta WhatsApp Manager

You can also manage your numbers from Meta WhatsApp Manager

You can view the Messaging limits provisioned against your phone numbers. This is maximum number of customers you can reach out in a day.  This will be increased as your usage increases and if get consistently good feedback from your customers. You can read more here.

You can configure how your message appears to your WhatsApp enabled recipients by clicking on settings.

In this screen, you can configure

  • Your business profile picture
  • Request for an Official business account (these are accounts with Green tick). Read about eligibility here.