The Profile object


    profile_uuidA unique identifier for each profile.
    profile_typeIndicating PRIMARY / SECONDARY nature of profile.
    primary_profileA unique identifier for the account’s primary profile.
    profile_aliasA friendly name for the profile.
    customer_typeIndicates nature of your operations and how do you use Plivo’s voice and messaging offerings.
    entity_typeIndicates ownership of your business.
    company_nameLegal name of your company.
    verticalIndicates the industry of your operations.
    einYour employer identification number. This will typically be found in your business registration document.
    ein_issuing_countryValid country ISO code which has issued ein.
    addressValid postal address of the company.
    authorized_contactAuthorized contact details of the person at the company.
    stock_symbolStock symbol of your company.
    stock_exchangeStock exchange where your company is listed.
    alt_business_idAlternate business identification number.
    alt_business_id_typeAlternate business id type.
    websiteValid website representing your business.
    plivo_subaccountSub-account mapped to the profile.

    Example Object

        "profile": {
            "address": {
                "city": "New York",
                "country": "US",
                "postal_code": "10001",
                "state": "NY",
                "street": "123"
            "alt_business_id": "ABC",
            "alt_business_id_type": "DUNS",
            "authorized_contact": {
                "email": "",
                "first_name": "john",
                "last_name": "doe",
                "phone": "14156667777",
                "seniority": "admin",
                "title": "Doe"
            "company_name": "ABC Inc.12345",
            "customer_type": "RESELLER",
            "ein": "122321231",
            "ein_issuing_country": "US",
            "entity_type": "PUBLIC",
            "plivo_subaccount": "SAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXMM",
            "primary_profile": "c780f9d0-e3c9-4d13-87f7-b898654569b0",
            "profile_alias": "john_doe",
            "profile_type": "SECONDARY",
            "profile_uuid": "f19c4773-4ae6-4b75-92ea-9cf3ea4227d6",
            "stock_exchange": "NYSE",
            "stock_symbol": "TESLA",
            "vertical": "ENTERTAINMENT",
            "website": ""