Address and Identity Verification

    When you purchase a phone number through Plivo, we need to collect certain documents to stay compliant with regulatory authorities. The documents typically required by local authorities are:

    • Address proof document: The user using the phone number must provide a valid address when purchasing a phone number. The address proof must be the user’s residential or business address. You must keep the address updated for as long as you use the phone number.
    • Identity proof document: The user using the phone number must provide a valid proof of identity when purchasing a phone number. You must keep the identity proof updated for as long as you use the phone number.

    Documents widely accepted as proof of address and identity include:

    • Government-issued ID
    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • Business registration document

    Activating a Phone Number with Verification

    Activating a Phone Number with Verification is a simple four-step process.

    1. Number purchase
    2. Linking or uploading verification documents
    3. Document validation
    4. Phone number activation

    Phone Number Verification States

    Following are the states of the Phone Numbers Verification:

    • Active: The Phone Number does not require verification or the verification is successful.
    • Inactive: The Phone Number requires some action based on the Verification Status.


    • If documents are pending to be submitted or rejected by the carrier, then you must upload new documents. You can either link to an existing document or upload a new one.
    • If a document is already is submitted for a number and is in the process of verification, the status will display Pending Verification.

    Purchasing a Phone Number

    Note: Before you purchase a number, a notification will display the type of documents to be submitted for address and identity verification. For countries with no prerequisites on the address and identity verification, no documents are required.

    To buy a phone number

    1. To buy a phone number:

    2. In the Plivo console, click on Phone Numbers > Buy Numbers. Specify filters for type and capability, and/or number characteristics for location, rate center, or LATA, then click Search. Plivo will display a list of all available phone numbers. Buy New Number
    3. Click Buy Number next to the phone number of your choice.


    4. On the Buy Number pop-up, review the information, then click Buy Number.

    The number will be added to your account, and the monthly fee for the current month will be deducted from the credits in your account.

    If the number requires documents for verification, you can either use existing documents in your Plivo account or upload new documents.

    • To link an existing document to a phone number, search from the list of uploaded documents by entering either the country, alias name, or the document ID. Only relevant documents that can be linked to the document will appear in the search results.
    • Click Upload New Documents if no matching documents are found or if you want to upload new documents. You will be redirected to a new tab to fill the information needed to activate the number.

    Verification 2

    • The documents will be submitted for verification. Once the verification is successful, An email notification will be sent to you about the acceptance and the phone number will be automatically activated.

    Linking documents after purchase

    You can choose different documents or upload new ones from Your Numbers screen.

    Verification 3

    Your Numbers page displays all the Phone Numbers that are currently in your account. It also displays the Status and Verification status of the Phone Numbers.

    Linking new documents when the documents are rejected

    You will be notified with an email as soon as the verification process is complete. In case your documents are rejected, you must link the number with a new document to proceed with verification.

    To start using the number, you must provide a new document.

    To add a new document

    1. Login to Plivo Console and click Phone Number.

      Verification 4

    2. On the Your Numbers page, check for the status against your number.
    3. In-case of inactive numbers, click Link Documents to add new documents to your number.

    You can either link a new document or link an existing document from this screen

    Managing Documents

    The list of all previously uploaded documents is available in the Address & Identity section of Phone Numbers. Documents will be marked “Accepted” or “Rejected” after the verification. A document can be in “Pending” state for the maximum of 24 hours, while it is being verified.

    1. On the Address & Identity page, click the document ID to view the information of the submitted document.

      Verification 5

    2. Click Download to download the submitted document.

    To upload new documents

    1. Login to Plivo Console and click Phone Number.

      Verification 6

    2. On the Numbers page, click Address & Identity.

      Verification 7

    3. On the Address & Identity page, click Add New Document.
    4. On the Add Verification Document window, fill up the form with all necessary details.

      Verification 8

    5. Under Upload Proof, click Choose File to navigate and select the document you wish to upload.

      Verification 9

    6. Click Submit to upload the new document for verification.

    The document will be submitted for verification. You can link this document to the Phone Number from Your Numbers page in the console.