Update an account phone number

Change the application and sub-account associated to specified phone number from your account.

API Endpoint

POST https://api.plivo.com/v1/Account/{auth_id}/Number/{number}/


app_id string

The application to be assigned to the phone number. If not specified, the application selected as the default_number_app of the Account is assigned. For more information, refer default_number_app argument in application and app_id attribute in application object.

subaccount string

The auth_id of the subaccount to which this number should be added. This can be performed only by the main account.

alias string

An alias assigned to the phone number.


HTTP Status Code: 202

  "message": "changed",
  "api_id": "5a9fcb68-582d-11e1-86da-6ff39efcb949"