The Address object


    id string

    Unique identifier for the address object.

    country_iso string

    Country ISO 3166 alpha-2 code.

    alias string

    Alias name of the address.

    salutation string

    Allowed values: Mr, Ms

    first_name string

    First name of the user for whom the ID is created.

    last_name string

    Second name of the user for whom the ID is created.

    address_line1 string

    Building name/number.

    address_line2 string

    Street name/number.

    city string

    The city of the address.

    region string

    The region of the address.

    postal_code string

    The postal code of the address.

    fiscal_identification_code string

    The code is available for businesses alone and is available for Spain mobile numbers. Return null if not present.

    street_code string

    Street code of the address. Return null if not present.

    municipal_code string

    Municipal code of the address. Return null if not present.

    validation_status string

    Can take the value pending, accepted, rejected, or null.

    verification_status string

    Can take the value pending, verified, rejected, or null.

    subaccount string

    The link to the subaccount resource associated with the application. If the application belongs to the main account, this field will be null.

    url string

    A Plivo wrapped link to the document stored in the Plivo CDN.

    proof_type string

    The type of document that’s being provided as address proof.

    Possible values:

    • NATIONAL_ID_CARD — National ID document.

    • PASSPORT — Passport.

    • BUSINESS_REGISTRATION — Business registration document.

    • NIF — National identity card for Spain.

    • NIE — Tax identification number for Spain.

    • DNI — Fiscal identification number for Spain.

    • any — Any type of document apart from the ones specified.

    address_proof_number string

    The unique ID number associated with the document uploaded as proof.


    Array of all phone numbers linked to this document.


      "account": "MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
      "address_line1": "128",
      "address_line2": "RUE DU COMMANDANT GUILBAUD",
      "alias": "test_address",
      "api_id": "08361d92-0b59-11e8-aa7e-02ad5072be3e",
      "city": "PARIS",
      "country_iso": "FR",
      "document_details": {
        "address_line1": "128",
        "address_line2": "RUE DU COMMANDANT GUILBAUD",
        "city": "PARIS",
        "first_name": "Bruce",
        "last_name": "Wayne",
        "postal_code": "75016",
        "region": "PARIS",
        "salutation": "Mr"
      "first_name": "Bruce",
      "id": "20220771838737",
      "last_name": "Wayne",
      "postal_code": "75016",
      "region": "PARIS",
      "salutation": "Mr",
      "subaccount": null,
      "url": "",
      "validation_status": "accepted",
      "verification_status": "pending"