Plivo iOS Outbound Calling

This sample application demonstrates how to make an outbound call to any phone or SIP endpoints from the Plivo iOS SDK.


  1. Sign up for a Plivo Account
  2. Create an endpoint with a username and a password. Learn more on how to create an endpoint using this guide.
  3. Clone our ios sample apps repository. git clone or download the zip wget
  4. Launch the PlivoOutgoingApp project in XCode.
  5. Edit the source file:Phone.m in the PlivoOutgoingApp project.
  6. Assign your endpoint username and password created in Step 2 to the respective variables.
    NSString *username = @"plivousername";
    NSString *password = @"plivopassword";
  7. Launch the application from XCode and enter the mobile or the landline number you want to dial out to.