Getting Started with Plivo Android SDK

Our Android SDK is still in beta. For feedback and technical questions, please drop us a line here. If you want to jump to the full documentation, check out our Android SDK docs page.

Plivo Android SDK interacts with the Plivo API and XML to control calls on the server side. This gives your Android app access to all available features of the Plivo voice API such as conferencing or recording. Plivo Android SDK can also work seamlessly with other endpoints: landline (PSTN), IP or SIP phones and devices, and web applications. All calls that interface with your mobile apps will be transported over SIP.

plivo android and ios sdk for voice SIP calls

With Plivo's Android SDK, you can add interactive functionalities to your Android app including but are not limited to:

  1. In-game voice chat: make your multi-player games more interactive and immersive. Integrate voice calling natively into your existing apps to give users the power of live in-game voice conversations.
  2. Two-way dialer: build dialer apps that let your users make calls to mobile and landline phones directly through the app. Now any user with access to wifi or mobile data can make calls to any mobile or landline phone in our 200+ country coverage list.
  3. Mobile Call Center: create a call center app and let your agents take calls from the app on the move.
  4. Mobile Conference: Allow your users to click-to-call into a conference through their mobile or web-browser.


  1. Sign up for a Plivo Account
  2. Create an endpoint with a username and a password.

Getting started

  1. Clone our android sample apps repository. git clone
  2. Open Android Studio
  3. Choose ‘Open an existing Android Studio Project’
  4. Run the app

Next Steps

Now that you've mastered the fundamentals, it's time to build some apps! Here are some sample apps to show you what you can build with Plivo's Android SDK. Or jump to the full documentation and start building!

The above example Shows you

  1. How to register your your SDK to Plivo. This is the first step to make and receive calls from the Android SDK
  2. How to make outbound calls from your app using the Android SDK.
  3. How to receive inbound calls on your app using the Android SDK.