API Request

Plivo exposes a list of REST APIs to perform various actions. These APIs can be used in combination with an XML to create voice and SMS applications.

The base URL for all API requests is https://api.plivo.com/v1/.


All requests to Plivo API are authenticated with Basic Auth using your AUTH ID and AUTH TOKEN Your Plivo AUTH ID and AUTH TOKEN can be found when you login to your dashboard.

Auth ID and Auth Token

Content Type

Plivo only accepts input of the type application/json. All POST requests arguments must be passed as json with the Content-Type set as application/json.

All GET and DELETE request arguments must be passed in the query string.

Asynchronous Request

All requests to Plivo API can be made asynchronous by adding the parameters listed below. When an asynchronous call is made, Plivo will return a generic response with the api_id and the API responses will be sent to the callback URL.


Parameter Description
callback_url The URL notified by the API response is available and to which the response is sent.
callback_method The method used to notify the callback_url. Defaults to POST.


    "message": "async api spawned",
    "api_id": "63f0761a-e0ed-11e1-8ea7-12313924e3a6"