Conference Record

The following actions can be performed with the Conference Record APIs:


Start Recording a Conference

This API lets you start recording a live conference. You could either use this API call after the conference has been initiated or use the recording capabilities in the Conference XML



Parameter Description
file_format (optional) The file format of the record can be of mp3 or wav format. Defaults to mp3 format.
transcription_type (optional) The type of transcription required. The following values are allowed:
  • auto - This is the default value. Transcription is completely automated; turnaround time is about 5 minutes.
  • hybrid - Transcription is a combination of automated and human verification processes; turnaround time is about 10-15 minutes.
transcription_url (optional) The URL where the transcription is available.
transcription_method (optional) The method used to invoke the transcription_url. Defaults to POST.
callback_url (optional) The URL invoked by the API when the recording ends. The following parameters are sent to the callback_url:
  • api_id - the same API ID returned by the conference record API.
  • record_url - the URL to access the recorded file.
  • recording_id - recording ID of the recorded file.
  • conference_name - the conference name recorded.
  • recording_duration - duration in seconds of the recording.
  • recording_duration_ms - duration in milliseconds of the recording.
  • recording_start_ms - when the recording started (epoch time UTC) in milliseconds.
  • recording_end_ms - when the recording ended (epoch time UTC) in milliseconds.
callback_method (optional) The method which is used to invoke the callback_url URL. Defaults to POST.


HTTP Status Code: 202

  "api_id": "2867b6e2-58c3-11e1-86da-adf28403fe48",
  "message": "conference recording started",
  "recording_id": "93bc7c6a-3b2b-11e3",
  "url": "",

Stop Recording a Conference

If the recording was initiated by the above Record API call, you could use this API call to stop recording the conference. This is useful when you don’t want to record certain parts of a conference which involves critical details being exchanged on the call.





HTTP Status Code: 204