The DTMF API lets you send DTMF tones on a call. Its usually used to automate sending of DTMF tones on an outbound call.

BaseURI: https://api.plivo.com/v1/Account/{auth_id}/Call/{call_uuid}/DTMF/

Send digits on a call

POST https://api.plivo.com/v1/Account/{auth_id}/Call/{call_uuid}/DTMF/


Parameter Description
digits (mandatory) Digits to be sent.
leg (optional) The leg to be used, can be aleg (the current call) or bleg (the other party in a Dial). Defaults to aleg.


HTTP Status Code: 202

  "message": "digits sent",
  "api_id": "07abfd94-58c0-11e1-86da-adf28403fe48"