Contact Centre Summit Recap: Keynote by Venky, Founder & CEO, Plivo

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If you attended the Contact Centre Summit Europe this week, you heard some great stories from global CX leaders and technology vendors on the state of the modern Contact Center. Perhaps the most powerful part of the event was hearing event presenters and attendees alike share their common pain points and ideas, customer service hacks, and how technology plays a role in building customer loyalty.

Our CEO, Venky, presented on Wednesday on CX transformation and key methods for catching up to the rigid demands of the modern intelligent consumer. His session covered the rapid acceleration of digital adoption since the beginning of the pandemic and how many consumer brands are struggling to keep up with the technology and service demands their customers require.

Some high-level points covered by Venky include:

  • Overcoming the disconnect between the experiences consumers expect and what they actually receive
  • Meeting customers on their preferred channels and catching up to the tech demands of the market
  • Personalizing the customer experience with powerful workflows and integrations utilizing your existing CX tools
  • Using virtual agents and artificial intelligence at the right time and place to keep your agents focused on the more challenging cases and enable your customers to help themselves
  • Making every agent your best agent

To see Venky’s full keynote, click play on the video below, and let us know what you think.

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