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voicemailplus plivo integration


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Voice API Customer Testimonial by Red Davis from Voicemail Plus   We set out to build a simple and cost effective solution for users who want a functional voicemail solution that's easy to use and so simple that it feels native to their iPhone. We were able to accomplish all of this using Plivo.  

Red Davis, CTO

Combining Call Forwarding and Text to Speech for the Best Voicemail Experience

In the hunt for a simple and cost effective solution for visual voicemail, the founders of Voicemail+ found themselves paying a surplus of £20 a month just for this feature. So instead, they wanted to build a simple solution that not only transcribes your voicemails into text in a beautiful interface, they also wanted to add multiple features to help manage daily voicemail clutter.

voicemail+ plivo integration


Upon researching for a solution, Voicemail+ chose Plivo for their simplicity, accurate transcription service, and reliable forwarding capabilities. More over, Plivo’s competitive price also allowed Voicemail+ to price their product 85% cheaper than any other solution in the UK market. This widely accessible price point allowed them to grow their user base rapidly. And Plivo’s simple integration meant that the team behind Voicemail+ could focus on building more features growing their user base.

Product Features Build Using Plivo

  • Transcription of every voicemail message into text
  • Forward your voicemail messages to an email address
  • Record and store your voicemail and access them whenever you want