Voice & SMS notifications for the most demanding on-demand food delivery system

SpoonRocket’s hyper demanding delivery logistics for affordable meals required a solution that’s reliable, cost effective, and integrates with their web-based ordering system. With Plivo, SpoonRocket was able to achieve all of their goals and lower their voice and SMS cost by 30%.

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A Delivery System on Hyperdrive - From Order to Delivery in Under 10 Minutes

Voice and SMS Notification Alerts Customer Testimonial by Anson Tsui from SpoonRocket   Running a startup is hard. Delivering within 10 minutes of an order is harder. That's why we're using Plivo. They have a voice and SMS API solution that just works. Our team can focus all of our efforts scaling SpoonRocket.  

Anson Tsui, CTO

Critical Criteria for Real-time Notifications

Reliability and logistics are keys to success in growing any on-demand delivery service, especially for SpoonRocket. With a less than 10 minute window from order to delivery, every second counts. This means that SMS confirmations need to arrive under 1 second and voice notifications have to be deployed in real time. On top of the time sensitivity, reliability in SMS delivery and voice call clarity become critical as well. One undelivered SMS confirmation or dropped call notification could back up SpoonRocket’s delivery logistics and delay other pending orders.

On top of all that, SpoonRocket als needed easy integration with their web-based delivery system and a service that they could grow and scale with them in the US and abroad.

how spoonrocket integrates with Plivo

Choosing Plivo

With such demanding logistics, Plivo’s high delivery rates and reliable voice calls proved to be a natural choice for SpoonRocket. By using Plivo, SpoonRocket was able to integrate voice and SMS notifications into their existing code allowing their web- and mobile-based applications to trigger automated delivery confirmation and notifications instantly.

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A Solution that Scales

With the on-demand food delivery competition heating up, SpoonRocket is planning to expand delivery to multiple cities in the US. And with Plivo's inventory of local numbers across the US, SpoonRocket will have no problem scaling their business to any city.

Since SpoonRocket is also focused on delivering low-cost meals, Plivo’s low pay-as-you-go prices and and free 24/7 tech support means that SpoonRocket has more margin to invest in expanding their delivery coverage and gaining market share. After raising a $11 million Series A, SpoonRocket is expanding fast in the US market, but it'll only be a matter of time that they will start expanding globally. Plivo's 200+ tier-1 network will be there to help businesses like SpoonRocket expand their business globally without sacrificing quality.