Opencall launches World’s First Open Source Call Tracking Platform

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Call Tracking Customer Testimonial by Scott B. from OpenCall   We set out to disrupt the call tracking market, which is dominated by low quality solutions. With Plivo's flexibiliy, low cost prices, we're able to provide a great open source call tracking solution that's accessible to businesses of all sizes.  

Scott Bowler, CTO

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a method of monitoring inbound phone calls. This allows you to track call analytics and measure the success rates of the advertisements baring your company phone number. Some of these phone call metrics include, caller id, call duration, call source, location of caller, etc. These analytics can in turn help companies track conversion rates across all marketing channels and optimize marketing ROI as well as identify unique behaviors of highly qualified leads.

The First Open Source Call Tracking Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

Current call tracking solutions are expensive and inflexible. Companies who want the flexibility of tracking their phone calls and integrating it with their own call flows and IVR systems have to purchase expensive customized solutions. The team behind OpenCall, wanted to build a flexible and inexpensive call tracking solution that was accessible to businesses of all sizes. They wanted to write OpenCall in PHP, a simple web language, and provide an easily accessible database of call logs using MySQL. On top of that, using OpenCall should be inexpensive and available to users around the world.

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opencall screenshot live log plivo integration

Choosing Plivo

OpenCall considered many options and found Plivo to be easy to integrate with and provided the largest coverage area of phone numbers worldwide. By integrating with Plivo, OpenCall was able to allow their users to purchase and track phone numbers in over 50 countries. From the cost perspective, OpenCall was also able to build a scalable business because of Plivo's low pay-as-you-go rates, free 24/7 tech support, and receive call recordings for free.

Building a Scalable Business

Offering OpenCall as an open source solution was a key step to giving businesses the flexibility to modify and integrate call tracking with their existing systems. OpenCall's customer base is growing quickly internationally and the low cost of using Plivo's services has enabled OpenCall to build a sustainable business around an open source solution. Plivo's growing coverage also means that OpenCall's customers can track all of their business phone numbers around the world.

What are the next steps for OpenCall?

Opencall is a refreshing alternative and will definitely ruffle a few feathers by making their platform free to use and fully integrated with Plivo’s infrastructure.

“The future is open source and our code is now out in the wild, there’s no turning back”, said Scott Bowler, founder of Opencall, “The entrenched companies are in for a surprise. We’re fast, nimble, global and we’re going to open up call tracking to the masses. When you combine this with Plivo’s low cost prices, we expect to see an avalanche of companies moving away from the ‘traditional offerings of the industry”.

Product Features Built Using Plivo

  • Call recording - Automatically save all calls to improve your sales or customer support flow.
  • Live call log - Access caller info including caller ID, phone number dialed, and associated ad during.
  • Daily & hourly analytics - Identify trends from previously captured call data to optimize your marketing spend
  • Greeting message - Play a pre-recorded greeting for all calls using all languages through Plivo's text-to-speech engine
  • IVR compatible - Connect OpenCall to any IVR solution to create a seamless sales or customer service hotline.