Two-step SMS verification for the most private and secure off-the-record conversations.

As the world's most private off-the-record communication app, Confide wanted to build a SMS verification process that was secure, reliable, and scalable. By using Plivo, Confide had instant access to all of Plivo's SMS coverage spanning over 220 countries. To date, Confide has already verified users in over 110 countries and growing.

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Two-Factor Authentication Customer Testimonial by Rich H. from Confide   We chose Plivo because reliability is at the core of our product. Plivo gave us great SMS delivery rates and terrific international coverage for our rapidly expanding global user base.  

Rich Hong, CTO

A Secure SMS Verification Solution Using Plivo’s SMS APIs

Confide's off-the-record professional communication app is makes it virtually impossible for users to capture and share sensitive information. To add another layer of security, Confide needed to implement a two-step SMS verification process, which is both convenient for the user and secure enough to confirm someone’s identify without compromises.

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Enterprise Reliability with Global Reach

Confide reviewed several solutions extensively and found Plivo to be the most reliable global solution. After integrating with Plivo, Confide gained instant access to Plivo’s entire coverage area which includes over 220 countries for outbound SMS. This means that no matter where Confide's users are, they'll be able to verify their users in one seamless user experience. And since Plivo works with Tier-1 carriers to get the best routes globally, Confide can ensure that their user verification text messages is delivered instantly around the world.Since its launch, Confide’s off-the-record messenger app has already verified users in over 100 countries around the world.

Since Confide's goal is to keep the app free and accessible to users world wide, price was also an important factor in their choice for SMS providers. Along with quality of service, Plivo was also able provide low pay-as-you-go prices and free 24/7 support so that Confide can reach Plivo’s support team during their development process at no additional cost. And as Confide grows, 24/7 support is always included free of charge and our volume pricing only gets better as our customers scale.