Building a simple, visual and full-featured conference experience using Plivo’s Voice API

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Conference Call Customer Testimonial by Andy M. from ConferenceLabs   We've achieved almost 100% uptime since launch... Together, our infrastructure allows us to offer customers unlimited conference minutes, with over 100 participants on each call, for our users in 29 countries around the world.  

Andy McCombie, Director of ConferenceLabs

Designing a beautiful visual conference solution for the world

ConferenceLabs is taking on the $4B worldwide audio conferencing market with a free conference service that offers a beautiful visual interface. They are focused on providing great features including ability to record, save, and download calls as well as make custom greetings via text-to- speech for a branded conference experience.

conferencelabs plivo integration

Upon your search for a voice service, what were the criteria you used?

ConferenceLabs aims to simplify collaboration for small businesses, by providing access to a free instant conference call service with a simple visual interface.

A lot of conference call services are expensive, time consuming to set up, and difficult to use. We wanted to create a platform that removes the cost and complexity from audio conferencing, and simplifies the conference call experience.

We looked for a voice partner that could offer API access, so we could build a service that offers 1-click conference calls with no contracts or fees, combined with an innovative web interface.

Our use of an API allows users to see who’s on a call, who’s talking at any time, and lets them manage calls in real time with a robust feature set. Users can mute participants, add ‘earmuffs’ (excluding them from the conversation), and drop guests. We also provide custom greetings via text-to-speech for a branded conference experience, and the ability to record, save, and download calls.

Our approach combines standard PSTN with a web platform, which means users can still dial into the service via any phone line, without requiring internet access. You can even dial in via a payphone!

What were the specific reasons for choosing Plivo?

Reliability. Our customers value the quality and reliability of our service, so support and uptime was a key decision. Plivo provides great 24/7 tech support that’s included in their pricing. And together we’ve been able to build an exceptional customer experience. We’ve achieved almost 100% uptime since launch.

Scalability & Global Reach. We also looked for partner that could support our growth with a robust and scalable network. Together, our infrastructure allows us to offer customers unlimited conference minutes, with over 100 participants on each call, for our customers in 29 countries around the world.

Trust. Our customers rely on us and trust us with some of their most important calls, and we apply the same integrity and respect when selecting our operating partners. We have spent months working with the team at Plivo and have been continuously impressed by the quality of their operations.

How is ConferenceLabs integrated with Plivo?

ConferenceLabs uses Plivo to provide voice API access for our web application and manage SIP on inbound calls.

What are the next steps for ConferenceLabs?

Our vision is to simplify collaboration. We were one of the first innovators in the space to offer both instant 1-click conferencing and a visual interface to conference calls. We continue to search for ways to improve the ways teams work together.

We’ve recently launched social profiles for caller IDs (synced with a user’s contacts), and international access. We hope to offer advanced document sharing and screen collaboration amongst other features in the not too distant future.

Product Features Built Using Plivo's Voice API

  • 1-click conference calls – Conferences are set up in seconds with instant activation.
  • No contracts or fees – All services are absolutely free. Callers only pay for the cost of a phone call.
  • Simple visual interface – View calls in real time. See who’s on your call and who’s speaking at any time.
  • Web based platform – Dial in with any phone. No apps, plugins or software to install.
  • Advanced controls – Mute, ‘earmuff’ or remove participants from the call.
  • Custom greetings – Create your own greeting to welcome callers, upload your 
own hold music.
  • Record calls – Download and save call recordings to capture calls.