CallRail and Plivo’s Voice API
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CallRail Call Tracking Customer Testimonial by Mark S. from CallRail   Our customers rely on us to provide a sophisticated, but uncomplicated, call analytics experience. We’re able to make that happen by integrating our call tracking solution with Plivo’s rock solid, high-quality voice API and carrier services.  

Mark S., Director of Partnerships at CallRail

Effective and Affordable Intelligence for a Data Driven-World

CallRail, which provides call analytics to more than 25,000 companies and marketing agencies in North America, has built powerful tools that are intuitive, far-reaching and able to integrate with existing marketing and sales systems like Google Analytics, Salesforce and Wordpress. But to truly differentiate itself from traditional call tracking, CallRail makes unlimited use of its technology available without a set-up fee, the need for a new platform or a long-term commitment.

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Quality and reliability are at the core of any successful call tracking solution because of the need to forward and record calls to agents clearly. So to provide reasonable price points without sacrificing the quality and reliability, CallRail chose to power its application with Plivo’s voice API. This decision has helped the company quickly expand its customer base and offer a feature-rich solution, all at the most competitive rates in the industry.

“Software and cloud telephony are quickly enabling marketers to measure a traditionally offline behavior with the same precision with which they can analyze online behavior,” said Mark Sullivan, Director of Partnerships for CallRail. “What CallRail does, along with voice API and carrier service providers like Plivo, is enable any business with a marketing campaign to find out exactly what is making their phones ring and not pay more for that intelligence than they did for the campaign. We offer a way to measure phone call conversions, capture the full visitor journey before and after a call and even identify what keywords are leading to those conversions, and we do it without forcing businesses into long-term contracts or new infrastructure costs. That’s not doable without a feature-rich and reliable voice API.”

A Quality First Solution

With CallRail’s success based first and foremost on the quality and reliability of voice calls, it’s no doubt that CallRail needed an equally high standard for their Voice API vendors. It’s the availability of clear intelligible voices that enables CallRail to record, analyze, and transcribe calls. That is, CallRail customers are now equipped with a tool-belt of features that allow better optimization for all marketing campaigns.

So while there are options for voice API capabilities that promise cheap service, call tracking solutions like CallRail cannot afford to trust its traffic to providers with potentially unstable, non-redundant, networks. Plivo provides the rock solid uptime, stable call completion and low audio latency that’s demanded by CallRail’s business users. And Plivo maintains relationships and holds consistent negotiations with more than 1,600 carrier networks around the world to provide CallRail with the best routes at the lowest prices.

CallRail Call Tracking Customer Testimonial by Mark S. from CallRail   CallRail’s application and analytical tools are unrivaled in their scope and Plivo enables us to make them affordable and reliable to any business that wants them.  

Mark S., Director of Partnerships at CallRail

Ready to Take on the World

CallRail continues to expand throughout North America, offering more than 300 local area codes in USA and Canada, along with toll-free numbers to help businesses project a national image. CallRail has plans to expand internationally, and will be able to offer remarkably low global pricing with virtually no change to its existing solution, thanks to the Plivo’s Voice API which includes worldwide voice coverage as a default for all customers.

“We feel we are just starting to scratch the surface of what call tracking can do for businesses and marketing agencies,” noted Sullivan. “So many vital customer interactions take place on voice calls, and yet we’re only just starting to access data that can give a sense of what motivated and resulted from those calls. CallRail’s application and analytical tools are unrivaled in their scope and Plivo enables us to make them affordable and reliable to any business that wants them.”