CallHub Launches SMS Survey Tool in 12 Countries within 3 Months - Results in 4.6X Revenue Growth

By using Plivo's two-way SMS service, CallHub built a powerful SMS surveying platform that allows their customers to setup polling campaigns via CallHub's simple web-based dashboard. CallHub's customers can now automate personalized SMS messages and set up automatic responses to SMS keyword inputs from customers in 20 countries. CallHub was able to launch their polling system in 12 countries within 3 months, which resulted in a 4.6X increase in revenue.

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SMS & API Customer Testimonial by Augustus from CallHub   Building CallHub on Plivo meant that our customers get high SMS delivery rates and voice call quality across all countries. And now with two-way SMS in 20 countries, we are able to offer customers the ability to receive SMS inputs from their end users for initiatives like political campaigns and product surveys.  

Augustus D., CEO

Scaling to 12 countries within 3 months of launch and increasing revenue by 4.6X

In the beginning, CallHub used Plivo to broadcast SMS and voice messages to end users in over 200 countries. Recently, CallHub launched a powerful web-based SMS surveying solution in the US and Canada that gave users an easy way of managing polling campaigns from end users. After signing up for Plivo's two-way SMS beta, CallHub gained instant access to 18 more countries that enabled incoming SMS. In just 3 months, CallHub launched their new product in 12 more countries, which lead to a 4.6X revenue increase.

The most engaging way to interact with users around the world

Now with Plivo’s two-way SMS, CallHub quickly launched their web-based SMS survey solution to 12 additional countries in only 3 months. CallHub customers around the world such as political polling agencies, charity fundraisers, and marketing firms can now collect survey responses via SMS keyword inputs from incoming text messages to local longcode SMS numbers.

How CallHub's Two-way SMS Survey App Works

Flexible API with a lot of room to scale

SMS broadcasting is intensive and every text message delivered counts towards customer engagement and brand reach. CallHub selected Plivo based on it’s flexible API and the ability to broadcast SMS and voice calls to multiple numbers with a single API call. Plivo also helped CallHub save almost 40% on rates compared to it’s competitors and now that all incoming SMS on Plivo is free, CallHub can use their revenue towards scaling their business.

SMS & API Customer Testimonial by Augustus from CallHub   We were able to expand our two-way SMS service to all 12 countries in no time. Now our customers can send personalized surveys and collect critical data about their end users almost instantly.  

Augustus D., CEO

24/7 Support for all businesses

Whether it's porting numbers from your current provider, or building something from scratch, Plivo's 24/7 tech support has the expertise to help you get started quickly. Cut down development time and build reliable two-way SMS capabilities into your web or mobile app with Plivo. No matter how big or small, our expert support team is always here to help at no extra cost.