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Hosted Messaging Now Available

AUTHOR: The API team

What is hosted messaging?

Hosted messaging, also known as hosted SMS, lets businesses send text messages from phone numbers that they don’t rent from Plivo. These numbers could be voice lines rented from another CPaaS or even landlines you own and to which you want to add SMS capabilities. With hosted messaging, the phone number’s voice capabilities remain unaffected, but you add the ability to use Plivo’s SMS API to reach customers and prospects.

A convenient alternative to transferring an existing voice number to Plivo, hosted messaging lets you enable SMS without changing phone number providers — less hassle, more consistency, more convenience. Voice traffic stays with your old provider, messaging goes out over Plivo’s Premium Communications Network.

Hosted messaging lets you use the same number on which you communicate by voice for messaging, which is likely more comfortable for the people you communicate with. In this way, boutique retailers and small healthcare and legal practices who do a lot of phone conversation can send SMS notifications from the same number.

We have created a convenient quick start guide to help make the process as easy as possible.

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