Looking for an alternative to Twilio?

Over 70,000 customers rely on Plivo to deliver better customer communications at much lower costs.

Twilio alternative We seamlessly added Plivo to our existing integration and were live in a few hours. Plivo helped us solve the delivery issues we faced with Twilio and also reduce costs by 50%.”

- Doug Belew Director of Engineering, Luxer One
Looking for an alternative to Twilio
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Why Choose Plivo?

Best-in-class SMS & Voice APIs. Easy to integrate. Best price.

Best SMS delivery rates

We connect directly with carriers and local networks to provide you quick & consistent delivery of your SMS to 190+ countries.


Familiar APIs to build with

Build quickly and scale rapidly without re-learning the APIs. Work with familiar API & XML to integrate seamlessly.


35% cost savings

A simple, transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing. Our customers save up to 35% by paying only for volume and not for technical support, storage, call recording or any other hidden fees.


Reliable voice infrastructure

Our geo-distributed PoPs, in-country carrier connections, and intelligent routing ensure low latency on your calls to any destination in the world.

35% - That's how much our customers save!

Outbound SMS$0.0050$0.007533%
Inbound SMSFree$0.0075100%
Outbound Voice$0.0120$0.01308%
Inbound Voice$0.0085$0.0085-
Call RecordingFree$0.0025 /min100%
Call ConferencingFree$0.0018 / participant per min100%
Recording StorageFree$0.0005 /min per month100%
Toll-Free Numbers$1.00$2.0050%
Local Phone Numbers$0.80$1.0020%
SMS rates are per-message. Voice call rates are per-minute.

The Plivo Difference

Higher quality. Reliable Infrastructure.

  • Global Delivery Network

    We partner with multiple tier-1 & local carriers for every destination across 190+ countries to provide a robust network with global reach.

  • Predictable SMS delivery

    Adaptive SMS routing, Intelligent carrier based message queueing, Number pooling and internal optimizations for US toll-free & local SMS ensure over 99% delivery of your messages across our network.

  • Ease of Integration & Scaling

    Integrate Plivo quickly by working with familiar APIs & XML or using PHLO. Easily fix integration issues using advanced debugging tools. Scale your traffic without worrying about limits on SMS requests.

  • Low Latency network

    Our infrastructure provides low latency on your calls throughout our network through In-country carrier partnerships, geo-distributed media server PoPs and intelligent call routing.

  • Consistently High Call Quality

    Your users will experience higher call quality through our advanced media processing optimizations and support for Opus Codec in our Browser SDK.

  • Advanced Call Controls

    Build your voice applications using advanced call controls and features like Conferences, Text-to-speech (powered by Amazon Polly), Call Recording, Answering Machine Detection. All this for free!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my existing Twilio phone numbers?

You can use your existing phone numbers by porting them to Plivo and migrate without any interruption to your customers. Visit our docs to know more about number porting & the process.

How can I get a Short Code?

Fill out this form, and our Sales team will help you get the required carrier approvals to obtain a Short Code of your choice. See our prices here and visit our support docs to know the process to obtain one.

Can I send bulk SMS? What are the limits on sending SMS?

Plivo accepts your requests to send SMS without any rate limits and delivers the messages based on rate limits configured for your account. In the U.S, Carriers enforce limits on SMS volume over Long Codes. However, you can use Plivo’s SMS Powerpack for bulk messaging via Long codes.

Which countries do you offer SMS & Voice services in?

You can send text messages to 195+ countries & receive messages from 19 countries, and make outbound voice calls to over 200 countries & receive calls from 55 countries. Check out the list of supported countries for SMS and Voice.

What is a free trial account? What do I get with it?

Free trial accounts let you try Plivo services for free. You are provided with free credit to send messages, make calls, purchase phone numbers and receive SMS & Calls.

Do you offer a volume-based discount?

Yes, we offer a volume-based discount. Reach out to our sales team here with your use case and the average monthly usage.

Did we mention that hands-on technical support is free for all customers?

Please fill out the form. An expert will get in touch to discuss how Plivo can support your business needs.