Plivo Logo Guidelines

Use the following brand guidelines to help you determine the best way to use our logo.


The gap between the Plivo icon and the Plivo logo should be equivalent to the size of 2 grey dial pad keys found in the Plivo icon. The minimum size of the entire logo must also be no smaller than 56.7 x 17.5 pixel wide, or 40 x 12.2 mm on printed material.

Plivo Logo

Use the Plivo icon when space is limited.

Plivo Icon


The minimum required clear space around the Plivo logo must be equal to the height of the 'p' letter in the logo. While the space around the Plivo icon must be at least the height of the 9 digit dial pad found in the icon.

Plivo Logo Spacing

Plivo Colors

Plivo Logo Basics

Logo Color Variations

Use these colored logos as they are the most frequently used.

For light backgrounds For dark backgrounds
Plivo Logo on White Background Plivo Logo Basics

Use these black and white variations only when color is not an option.

Plivo Logo Basics Plivo Logo Basics

Use of our brand materials

These guidelines are designed to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo, content and trademarks without having to negotiate legal agreements for each use. However, if you would like to make any use of our brand assets in a way that is not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at marketing at and include a visual mockup of your intended use.

  • Let us know before using our logo on websites, products, packaging, manuals, or for other commercial or product use.
  • Use the Plivo name and logo in your app to identify or direct a user to a Plivo integration or functionality.
  • Use the Plivo name and logo to indicate compatibility with Plivo.
  • Use our brand materials for educational and instructional purposes.

  • Use our name, logos, or screenshots in ways that may be confusing, misleading, or suggest our sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation.
  • Manipulate, edit, the Plivo logo and icons
  • Use our name as a part of your company or service name, website name, trade name, or product name.
  • Use our logo or incorporate our logo into yours
  • Use a domain name containing "Plivo" or any confusingly similar words.