Why More Companies Are Using SMS to Improve Customer Experience and Their Bottom Line

Customer experience can make you—or break you. Amazing customer experience is what’s required to stand out from the competition and build loyalty. For many years, companies have placed a premium on serving customers in new ways and exceeding their expectations. Often, that comes with the latest technology. Now, innovative organizations are looking no further than what’s immediately accessible to customers today: their smartphones.

SMS and voice APIs are now modernizing the customer experience, creating breakthrough opportunities, and even lowering costs. And the adoption of these technologies isn’t slowing down. According to a recent IDC report, “worldwide voice and text messaging communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) market will grow from $2 billion in 2017 to $10.9 billion in 2022.” That growth is coming from the increasing number of use cases and the growing interest among non-cloud native companies. Here, we’ll take a look at how several companies are putting SMS API’s into practice and the results that are possible.

Luxer One: Instant Delivery Notifications

With almost one-third market share, Luxer One is a leader in package lockers and delivery solutions for apartments, retailers, offices, and universities. The company had been using email for its package delivery notifications. Spurred by rapid growth and an exponential bump in customer notifications, they knew they needed a better way to not only keep up with the volume but also keep costs in check. SMS, which reaches 97% of people in the US and with 98% open rates, was the ideal solution.

In the 18 months since Luxer One began using SMS, Luxer One has experienced improved customer satisfaction as a result of dramatic improvements in message delivery. The SMS API is an essential part, automatically handling millions of messages to thousands of end-customers and ensuring they know immediately when their package is ready and waiting. Read more about Luxer One’s switch to SMShere.

Deckers: Taking Pressure Off the Call Center

California-based Deckers is a footwear giant with a portfolio including Teva, Sanuk, Ahnu, and UGG. Deckers’ products are sold in department stores and online in more than 50 countries. For Deckers, sales aren’t the only goal— improving the customer experience is also paramount. The company wanted to place an emphasis on ensuring customers knew where their orders were at all times, enhancing the order and delivery experience.

SMS—particularly automated text messaging—emerged as the best solution to communicate order status and reduce the number of order inquiries to the call center. Most importantly, customers were more likely to receive the messages—rather than email—and be kept in the loop with accurate order status. By adopting SMS, the reduction of calls took pressure off of the call center and made a huge difference with the bottom line. Track-package calls decreased 15-20% year-over-year since the launch of SMS. Learn more about Deckers’ move to SMShere.

Flight Vector: SMS Enhances Emergency Response

Primarily serving the emergency medical market, Flight Vector™ provides dispatch and mapping solutions. With their Flight Call app, users can communicate with the dispatch center via SMS for the request of a helicopter and receive status updates regarding the request.

Before implementing SMS, Flight Vector used outdated alpha-numeric pagers and email to communicate critical emergency response information.  With the ubiquity of mobile phones, the company saw the opportunity to create a better customer solution and experience for emergency responders. With SMS, they had access to real-time delivery confirmation, a data point that was often crucial in time-sensitive emergency situations. They also gained insights into before-and-after situations to track responses, and the ability to gauge the effectiveness of the service. They found not only a great technology fit with Plivo, but also delivered a better customer experience with fast, accurate texts for those critical moments. Find out more about Flight Vector and SMS here.

More Than Just a Text

Simply put: SMS is more than just a text. Whether your business needs alerts, notifications, two-authentication, one-time-password resets, and more, SMS is easily adaptable to many industries and companies. And, as many brands are discovering, it’s a strategic, cost-saving way to simultaneously increase efficiency and provide a superior customer experience.

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