Webinar: Cloud Mitigation and the Call Center, Separating the Hype from the Here-and-Now

On Tuesday, March 18, from 12 Noon – 1:30 p.m. (CST), we will be participating in a webinar panel entitled “Cloud Mitigation and the Call Center, Separating the Hype from the Here-and-Now” to discuss how Cloud-based technologies is making an impact on businesses. As part of CH Consulting Group’s winter webinar series, a group of experts, including our very own Mike Lauricella, will discuss what the future holds for Cloud-based applications including the following topics:

  • The Cloud’s role in your business today and in the future
  • Best practices in selecting Cloud technology partners
  • Leading Cloud-based products
  • How the Cloud affects your business’s bottom line
  • How to transition your business to the Cloud

    Below is the panel of experts:

Michael Lauricella is VP of Business Development at Plivo and is one of the telecom industry’s foremost authorities on go-to-market strategies for cloud communication solutions. Plivo product solutions simplify the complex telecom business by handling everything from its clients’ carrier contracts to call quality, message deliverability and more. Prior to joining Plivo, Michael was responsible for the creation of BroadSoft’s Web 2.0 initiative, Xtended, and led the company’s first BroadCloud initiative, PacketSmart.

Geoff Mina founded Connect First in 2004 in order to provide contact centers with innovative, dependable and cost effective cloud-based solutions. As the primary architect of the Connect First platform, Geoff has taken the product through four generations to develop a cloud-based contact center solution that is scalable, fault tolerant and secure. Prior to founding Connect First, Geoff was at Prosodie Interactive, where he managed a team of developers responsible for deploying and managing a speech-enabled VoiceXML platform for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Paul Lamarre is Director of Sales at Intelepeer, a leading provider of on-demand communications services to enterprises and contact centers. Paul is a career technologist with 17 years of hands-on data, voice, and security engineering experience. Before joining Intelepeer, Paul played an integral role in migrating the network of a leading cloud-based contact center supporting Fortune 500 customers from legacy TDM to SIP/IP-based communications.

Richard Murray is CEO of CarrierSales, one of the nation’s largest “telecom brokers”. CarrierSales manages the networks for hundreds of call centers, including the largest call center in North America. Richard was an early advocate for embracing the cloud and has been named to several advisory councils for major telecom carriers such as Windstream, InContact, CenturyLink, and Integra.

Moderated by Christa Heibel, an expert on integrating marketing and sales campaigns for companies of all sizes. Christa has years of experience leading and developing telemarketing techniques for political campaigns and outbound sales initiatives for Fortune 100 companies.

If you have any Cloud-related questions that you would like us to addressed in the webinar, please send them to Christa Heibel at heibch[at]chconsultinggroup[dot]com

Space is limited, so register today!

*Note: Along with the webinar, check out the Plivo Tutorials to get started building your own SMS & voice apps.

Useful resources to be read with the webinar:

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