Using Optimized Global Routing For Better Call Conferencing

Plivo’s call conferencing API lets you build effective conferencing solutions to create and manage audio conferences. Our APIs are known for its flexibility and adaptability so when your user base scales, the APIs allows you to add new features and functionalities. Before we jump into the APIs itself and what we have been doing to make it better, here is some context:

For your end-users to have an uninterrupted call experience, we have ensured that we have a solid backbone in the form of data centers, failover mechanisms, and a stronger and better infrastructure. We have built an Optimized Global Routing (OGR) algorithm in which calls are intelligently routed through the nearest network that is strategically-located data centers worldwide. This helps lowers inter-region latency resulting in significant improvements in audio quality. This also decreases latency between originating and destination data centers, which significantly improves steps between endpoints.

In addition, we maintain redundancy and auto-failovers across all layers of our Carrier-Integration-System. This setup protects our customers from downstream risks such as carrier outages and network failures among other things.

What is OGR?

OGR helps to shed up to 500 ms of delay in all regions for certain call scenarios. This means fewer dropped packets, less jitter and less crosstalk caused by long delays. For an end-user, the time a spoken word needs to travel to a receiver’s ear is significantly faster. We have made sure intelligence is built-in such that it is capable of moving calls across PoP’s quickly and efficiently.

With the necessary call routing and algorithms in place, you practically have access to a host of call conferencing APIs. These APIs are all in place so your customers have everything they need at their fingertips to participate or moderate conference calls. To name a few:

  1. Start conference calls on the fly/dynamically

  2. Play announcements when a member joins

  3. Moderated conference with admin and participant controls

  4. Identify the floor holder, mute & deaf participants

  5. Conference recordings

Plivo API’s enable faster development cycles, with our SDK’s also being readily available in 7 different languages.

Stay tuned to our next blog where we will cover call quality improvements for conference calls. Get in touch with us to learn more about our conferencing APIs as well other voice capabilities.

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