Sending toll free SMS messages at scale: The Story of Flight Vector

For businesses that offer emergency medical services (EMS), communicating at the right time is mission-critical. Flight Vector, an EMS provider is dedicated to helping people with dispatch and map solutions for helicopters, fixed wing planes, and ground units. Flight Vector’s communication center notifies customers via SMS alerts and location-based services, including dispatch and logistics for emergency events.

We had the pleasure of talking to Scot Cromer, CEO of Flight Vector where he walked us through the importance of communication technology in his industry. The conversation with Scot was refreshing as he talks about how his business has a unique place in the market and solves critical challenges every single day.

Integrating SMS APIs at the Core of Flight Vector’s Communication Center

Customers can request for a helicopter to their location using Flight Vector’s Flight Call app. With this information, the communications center inputs the needed data to start the transport, notifies crew members using SMS, and track the helicopter during the transport on a map system. Flight Vector finally sends data files to charting companies and billing companies detailing the transport service.

Most, if not all of Flight Vector’s messages are being sent and received today via Plivo’s SMS platform. Having predefined SMS templates allows Flight Vector to automatically send out alerts and notifications to their customers. As an EMS provider, what makes Flight Vector’s use case more interesting is how they embrace technology because smartphones are a key to what Scot and his team do. For example, with this automated workflow, users can request and track helicopters in real time without having to contact the communication center. The experience is very similar to how you book a cab on Uber.

How Toll-Free SMS Messages Helps Flight Vector

Given the nature of Flight Vector’s business, message delivery is critical. Visibility into delivery rates is why the toll-free SMS solution was a perfect fit. Whether it is confirmation around delivery rates and non-delivery rates, insights into before and after situations to track responses or to simply gauge the effectiveness of the service.

According to Scot, Plivo played a vital role in working with carriers and helping solve issues proactively. What really stood out about our engagement with Flight Vector is delivering a reliable end-to-end solution. Key takeaways:

  • The ease in which our SMS platform is integrated into web or mobile apps

  • Dedicated support

  • Consultative approach to solving Flight Vector’s challenges

In the end, Scot says, “Plivo has provided us with a stable platform that is used by almost all of our customers. Last month alone, we sent out over 460,000 SMS messages without an issue. We were even provided with service reports which are very informative and the monthly check-ins let us know we are a valued partner. Now that makes us feel good about our decision to use Plivo.”

Plivo’s SMS Communication Platform

Businesses use Plivo for a variety of SMS and Voice use cases. Listen to Scot Cromer, CEO of Flight Vector talk about how his business uses Plivo for SMS.

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