42% Price Drop in Outbound SMS Globally

The Cloud SMS market is already disrupting the traditional telecom industry by giving businesses access to global networks without needing upfront costs and long-term contracts. With this price drop, Plivo will lead the market in quality and still be 30-70% cheaper than our closest cloud-based competitor. This means that an average business that spends $20,000 per month on carrier services will save $6,000 to $14,000 per month, which can add up to $168,000 in savings per year.

As always, inbound SMS is free for all 19 countries in Plivo’s coverage area, but we always strive to give more to our customers. Even though cloud-based telecom is already 50% cheaper than traditional telecom, we want to continue to push the envelope by announcing that we are dropping outbound SMS prices for the highest traffic countries on Plivo’s network.

More specifically, we've dropped prices in over 900 networks world wide, which represents 155 countries on Plivo's coverage area. On average, we will be lowering prices by 42% to become on average 48% lower than our competitors. And with the addition of 150 more direct connections to local carriers, Plivo is now connected to over 1600 networks representing over 200 countries. And since majority of our connections are to direct local carrier networks, our SMS deliverability has never been better.

Bringing this level of quality and price to our customers was realized through months of carrier quality testing, contract negotiations, automating quality assurance measures, and improving infrastructure efficiencies. We take our commitment of quality seriously and as we grow, we will continue to bring more direct local carrier connections and pass on the savings to our customers.

As of today, If you’re a current Plivo customer, you will automatically start enjoying these new prices. If you’re currently using another provider, we can port over your existing SMS phone numbers and help you start saving immediately. So what are you waiting for?

There are too many countries to list, so below is a sample of 29 countries that we’ve lowered prices for Outbound SMS. Not only are we lowering prices, but we are also simplifying pricing for all networks within a country. After speaking to several of our customers, we learned that having a standard competitive price for all networks within a country allows our customers to better forecast their usage and ROI. So where ever we can, we have provided an “all network” price for each country and will continue to do so for all of our coverage area.

As businesses grow, high-speed high-volume SMS delivery over reliable networks become critical. This is why we will soon roll out more products and features that will help businesses better utilize SMS for their workflows.

Country</td>Old Price Per Message</td>New Price Per Message</td>% Drop in our Price</td>% Lower than our Competitor</td> </tr> </thead>
Australia$0.0529 (all networks)$0.038 (all networks)28%37%
Brazil$0.0450 (all networks)$0.026 (all networks)42%57%
Canada$0.0065 (All networks)$0.0035 (all networks)46%53%
Chile$0.072 (most networks)$0.035 (all networks)51%66%
Colombia0.06875 (most networks)$0.028 (all networks)59%72%
Denmark0.0210 (most networks)0.0100 (most networks)52%23%
Egypt0.04 (most networks)0.027 (all networks)33%56%
France0.057 (all networks)0.042 (all networks)26%40%
Hong Kong0.062 (most networks)0.0110 (most networks)82%73%
India0.0065 (all networks)0.0025 (all networks)62%75%
Israel0.0075 (most networks)0.0065 (all networks)13%50%
Italy0.0700 (most networks)0.0560 (all networks)20%30%
Kazakhstan0.0650 (most networks)0.0080 (most networks)85%72%
Lebanon0.058 (most networks)0.0170 (all networks)71%59%
Malaysia0.0250 (most networks)0.0190 (all networks)24%62%
Nigeria0.070 (most networks)0.0088 (all networks)87%42%
Norway0.048 (most networks)0.034 (most networks)29%22%
Pakistan0.0100 (most networks)0.0070 (all networks)30%46%
Peru0.020 (all networks)0.015 (all networks)25%62%
Philippines0.0180 (most networks)0.0140(all networks)22%50%
Poland0.065 (most networks)0.0220 (all networks)66%37%
Russia0.030 (most networks)0.01 (most networks)67%50%
South Africa0.023 (most networks)0.014 (all networks)39%35%
South Korea0.045 (all networks)0.035 (all networks)22%30%
Spain0.07 (all networks)0.055 (all networks)21%31%
Turkey0.020 (all networks)0.014 (all networks)30%41%
United Arab Emirates0.021 (all networks)0.016 (all networks)24%47%
United Kingdom0.0368 (all networks)0.029 (all networks)21%28%
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