Plivo: Softlayer Tech Partner Spotlight

First, We’d like to thank our friends at Softlayer for having us participate in their video series. Softlayer provides bare-metal and virtual servers to operate in public/private cloud environments. They are a great partner on many levels. Now to the story! Businesses face a fundamental challenge in the worlds of telephony and messaging: Those worlds move too slowly, require too much telecom knowledge and take too long to adopt. As a result, developers often forgo phone and SMS functionality in their applications because the learning curves are so steep, and the dated architecture seems like a foreign language. Over the last twenty years, the web has evolved a lot faster than telephony, and that momentum only widens the gap between the “old” telecom world and the “new” Internet world. Plivo was created to bridge that gap and make telephony easy for developers to understand and incorporate into their applications with simple tools and APIs…

Read the post on Softlayer’s Blog.

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