Business Tools We Use at Plivo

Earlier this year, we publicly announced our growth figures. Today, we serve over 70,000 customers of all sizes in over 190 countries for voice and SMS text messaging. With over 2 billion voice and SMS traffic each year, we’ve been able to scale our infrastructure with the help of some important tools. Even as we scale, our mission remains the same: to simplify global telecom and enable access to quality cloud communications at a low cost. This is why, we are excited to bring more transparency, and provide a sneak peak into the products we use at Plivo.

We feel that it’s important to be transparent and list our tools and resources in order to help other growing startups navigate vendor selection. So here are the top products that we use in-house:

Our Business Apps

  • AWS - We use AWS and most of its services for our Web, App and DB layer.
  • Open Source OpsWorks CLI - Our infrastructure is optimized globally. That’s why we need development tools that are efficient. OpsWorks CLI is a devops configuration management tool that helps us edit and deploy instances easily and efficiently.
  • Mailchimp - Super simple and beautifully designed newsletters that also give us data insights to help us improve the user experience month to month
  • Google Suite - Everything including email, calendar, and docs are on Google. It’s the most well integrated business solution.
  • Zoom - Whether it’s a massive all hands meeting or a customer call, Zoom’s video conference works flawlessly and with minimum latency.
  • Salesforce — Our sales team has a lot of tools and Salesforce makes it easy for us to integrate all of them into one seamless system to give our sales team transparency.
  • Hipchat - Internal collaboration across multiple offices is always tricky. That’s why we integrate all of our tools with Hipchat and enable transparency between teams.
  • Status Page - Platform transparency is important to our customers. Therefore, we use Status Page to deliver up-to-date information on all aspects of platform operation and status. In the unlikely event of a service disruption, notifications and updates are posted directly on the page and automatically emailed to every customer.

We’ve created a Plivo profile on Siftery with details of the products and services that we are using in-house and hope that other fast growing companies and startups can find it of value.

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