Announcing the Parse + Plivo Integration

Parse is a powerful service provider that helps developers by-pass complex infrastructure and server maintenance when creating web and mobile applications. Many businesses using Plivo have launched apps using Parse, so to make things easier, we’ve provided a simple Parse integration that allows your Parse applications to send SMS text messages using Plivo. This means that Parse takes care of your entire backend (i.e., databases, performance, analytics, and scaling), while Plivo delivers your SMS text messages. Launching your app could literally be hours away.

How Does it Work?

Using Parse with Plivo is a simple integration that involves calling a PFCloud function in Objective C (for iOS devices) and putting a matching function on Parse Cloud which receives the message data (sender, recipient, message body) from your app and passes it to Plivo to send the message.

Check out the complete details on our Parse Integration page.

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