Announcing Free Incoming SMS For All

Incoming SMS is now free for all 20 countries and all future countries in Plivo’s coverage area.

Last month, we dropped prices for international voice: all incoming voice calls to all countries outside of USA and Canada are now 0.50¢/min. This includes all 49 countries where you can purchase Plivo local phone numbers. To continue in the tradition of passing benefits on to you, we are announcing a few more things that we hope will be game changers for your business.

So without further ado, we are excited to announce:
1. Private beta for Two-way SMS in 18 more countries
2. Free incoming SMS to all countries (currently 20 and counting) We want you to build great businesses using Plivo, so why pay for incoming SMS when you don’t have to? From now on, all incoming SMS to your Plivo SMS-enabled phone numbers are free, in the following countries:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom (landline & mobile), Australia, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland. Sign up for private beta to enable two-way SMS for your business today.

Sign up for private beta and
enable two-way SMS for your business today!

There’s no better time to build apps that interact with your users around the world. Build web or mobile apps that can receive polls and surveys, coordinate vehicle dispatches, product delivery times, and receive customer inputs all with free incoming SMS. If you’re already using Plivo, you don’t need to do anything. These pricing changes will reflect automatically in your bill starting today. In the coming weeks, we will follow up with a series of posts that’ll bring more transparency to the market including to how we are able to provide free incoming SMS.

See how CallHub has been using our two-way SMS

For the last few months, many Plivo customers including Callhub have already used our Two-way SMS to interact with customers around the world and the results have been positive. Since using our Two-way SMS service in April 2014, CallHub has been using Plivo’s Two-way SMS Beta and has experienced a 4.6X growth in inbound SMS traffic and an 8X increase in outbound customer traffic from this quarter alone. Read the entire CallHub case study on our customer page.

Plivo Developer Challenge with $1000 worth of prizes

We’ve seen a lot of innovative apps and inspiring businesses built on Plivo, but we want to inspire the developer community to take our Two-way SMS service and continue to push the envelope. Check out our latest post on how you can use our free developer accounts to win some great prizes.

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