Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Plivo Console

You can now protect your Plivo user credentials using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA provides additional level of security by asking for a unique verification code sent to your mobile, when you login into your account. Using 2FA to secure your account is optional, but we highly recommend doing so. This helps better protecting your customer and transaction information even when your user credentials are compromised.... Read more >

Multi-User Accounts with Role Based Access Control

We are happy to announce a couple of new feature releases. The first is Multi-user Accounts that gives the option for a Plivo account to be managed by multiple users at the same time. The second feature is Role-based Access Control where users have the flexibility to access different sections of an account. One of the biggest reasons why these two features are released at the same time is to provide you with a more straightforward approach to manage the Plivo console....

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Using Optimized Global Routing For Better Call Conferencing

Plivo’s call conferencing API lets you build effective conferencing solutions to create and manage audio conferences.Our APIs are known for its flexibility and adaptability so when your user base scales, the APIs allows you to add new features and functionalities. Before we jump into the APIs itself and what we have been doing to make it better, here is some context:...

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Introducing Incoming Message Content And Source Number Redaction

Data privacy is a key concern for every organisation that manages or processes third party personal data such as end user phone numbers. With GDPR around the corner, data privacy holds more importance today than ever before. In our February Blog about how Plivo is preparing to protect your data - we had talked about Message Redaction as one of the key milestones in this journey. Today we are happy to introduce this in the Plivo Cloud Platform for all use cases that involve receiving SMS messages on Plivo phone numbers....

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Meet Plivo at Money 2020 Europe

If you’re thinking about how consumers and businesses spend, save, manage, borrow or share money, and how these interactions are going to look in the future, then Money20/20 Europe is the event for you. Communications play a huge role in in such interactions, and that’s the reason Plivo is betting on the future of communications in the fintech sector....

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